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EnterChina is a team of Chinese experts with years of experience in the local Internet market. And Western e-commerce and e-marketing specialists who understand the expectations of Western customers. Our comprehensive e-commerce and e-marketing solutions give companies the opportunity to establish an online presence in China and reach over a billion potential customers. 

We believe that Western companies can have Chinese customers and instead of flowing away to Asia the money can flow from Asia to the West.

The key areas of our work are the creation of Chinese websites and Chinese online stores, including Chinese web domain and its hosting in China, SEO in China - Baidu SEO, Chinese sponsored links - Baidu PPC advertising, Baidu Display, Baidu remarketing, Haosou 360 SEO, Sogou SEO, Haosou 360 PPC, Sogou PPC, Chinese Social Media, Wechat marketing, Weibo marketing, Youku marketing, mobile marketing in China, Chinese Online PR and whisper marketing, Targeted Online Ads and Chinese branding.

In addition, our services include China Market Research, Competition Analysis and Export Potential Analysis. We conduct in-depth market research, analyze competition, and assess our clients' export potential to help them understand the Chinese market and develop effective business strategies.

Chinese websites

We create customized Chinese websites for your Chinese clients: design, creation, SEO optimization, translation, arrange Chinese web domain and its hosting in China.

baidu seo

More than 600,000,000 potential customers! Baidu SEO on the Chinese Internet is a long-term strategy from which you will get permanent benefits. Baidu’s sustainable, organic, tailor-made Chinese SEO.

baidu ppc

The leading Internet search engine in China is called Baidu and it is the Chinese equivalent of Google. If you want to be visible to your Chinese audience or make sales in China you will necessarily need to run a Chinese online advertisement.

Chinese social media

Our Social Media Marketing services will allow your company to communicate with Chinese audiences in a way that is embedded in Chinese culture. Start building your network of followers in China through Weibo and WeChat social media!

Chinese mobile marketing

We attract your Chinese audience through mobile apps and ads. We create mobile marketing strategies and mobile campaigns in China for you.

Chinese Branding

Creating a Chinese name and logo for your brand that is relevant to Chinese audiences can have a huge impact on the results of your online efforts.

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